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East Japan Railway has teamed up with Japanese fitness club Jexer to launch an app that guides commuters through mental and physical exercises, depending on where they are on a train journey.

The app, which is called ‘Tain’ing, was created in partnership with McCann Health in Japan, answering the challenge - ‘how do you turn an ordinary commute into an opportunity for health and wellness?’

The app works by using geo-fencing and in-carriage beacons in Tokyo, to guide commuters through exercises using the audio on a person’s phone. Depending on where they are, the length of the journey and they are and the status of the carriage, in terms of crowding and design, the guided exercise will vary.

The reason for plugging in the location and in-carriage data is that all the exercises given to the commuter on the ‘Train’ing app use the facilities of the train, such as the poles or hand straps, which wouldn’t be appropriate if a train was crowded, or a journey was too short. 

According to McCann Health, the content for the app was developed alongside professional fitness programmers and instructors.

: ''Train'ing'

Date: January 2020
A new app developed by McCann Health Japan is turning riding the train not just into a place of travel but into a place for growth. Created for client East Japan Railway in collaboration with Japanese fitness club JEXER, the smart app harnesses the power of geofencing technology in Tokyo-area trains to provide train riders voice-guided personalized ‘TRAIN’ing programs for both physical and mental health.
Using just what can be found on in the train car – a seat, a pole and a hand strap – the app coaches the user through physical or mental exercises as they travel on the train.  The app coordinates with beacons installed in the train cars to provide the optimal training program for each user depending on travel time, boarding location and congestion status of the train. The user’s training history is visualized in the app using graphs and badges, motivating continued use and travel.
Agency: McCann Health Japan
Executive Creative Director/Concepter: Shunsuke Kakinami
Creative Director/Art Director: Jun Oizumi
Experience Designer/Copywriter/Account Planner/Concepter:
Mai Kaneda
Art Director: Yukiko Yamada   
Art Director: Noriaki Tanimura
Art Director: Takafumi Miki Mickey, BANANA inc.
Technical Producer: Jin Somemiya
Translator: Chiaki Kobayashi    
Business Director: Hiroyuki Baba        
Development Leader: Yasuyuki Ono, Fenrir Inc.
System Engineer: Wang Ziheng, Fenrir Inc.
Application Engineer: Liu Yi, Fenrir Dalian
Mockup Producer: Yasuyuki Fukatsu, Blue Paddle
Trainer: Kumiko Azumi, JR East Sports Co., Ltd.
Voice Actor: T'BONE, Herringbone
Media Communication Planner: Sentaro Yoshino, Freelance
Media Communication Planner: Yurika Hotta, seizon senryaku
Media Communication Planner: Hiroaki Murakoshi, BOOTLEG
Film Director/Cinematographer: Masahiro Kawamoto, AOI Pro.
Executive Film Producer: Hisaya Kato, AOI Pro.
Film Producer: Takahide Suzuki, AOI Pro.
Film Production Manager: Kenta Watanabe, AOI Pro.
Mixer: Haruki Saito: SoundCity
Actor: Shiori Tamoto, Freelance
Actor: Keitaro Azumi, AZUL
Program Supervisor: Midori Umeda, JR East Sports Co., Ltd.
Client: East Japan Railway Company., Ltd.
Client Director: Sei Sakairi,
Client Director: Takami Tateishi
Client Superviser: Tomoki Kobayashi  
Client Superviser: Yuhei Soda   
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