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Case studies provide a benchmark of the amazing and innovative work that the advertising and marketing industries are producing each year. With over 20 global competitions, The Drum Awards receives thousands of amazing case studies each year from brands and agencies looking to outdo the competition and take home the coveted Drum gong.

That is why we want to shout out to the world the best practices, companies and people within our industry. The Drum Awards is introducing a new way to submit your application, a judge’s eyes-only version, and the option for public viewing, which we will publish on to the sum of a million-plus unique readers who view the site each month.

Lynn Lester, managing director of The Drum Live Events, said “Our mission with all our award shows is to make our winners famous and to offer ways in which our readers can make better decisions. Whilst we actively promote the results of the shows, we were conscious that there was so much more we could be doing with the actual case studies that people enter.

“We've recently started promoting some of them but after the awards were over, it was proving difficult trying to get hold of the info from entrants. That’s why we have decided to give entrants the opportunity to upload a public version of their reports at the beginning of the process.”

When uploading your entries, the judge’s version, which they have signed a non-disclosure for, will be private and not made public. For the public version, make sure you take out any sensitive data you don’t want prying eyes to view and we’ll publish shout out about your incredible work and wins.

However, this isn’t just for award winners, we will also publish those entrants who have made the final shortlist. Even if you don’t win, you gain incredible value for your entry which will be amplified through The Drum’s website and marketing channels.

“Entering an awards show is a big investment of time and money, so we want to make it a no-brainer for people to enter our programme,” said Lester.

“Not only will finalists leverage credibility of being associated with The Drum brand but now they will instantly receive recognition and profile. For the cost of an entry fee, entrants now stand a good chance of leveraging The Drum to make their work and people famous.”

Enter The Drum Awards now and be in with a chance to have your work featured on