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It’s easy for marketers to get overwhelmed by data and miss out on a key piece of information about their target audience. Therefore having an effective content management platform in place could be the difference between either a successful or flat campaign.

In our latest Drumcast, The Drum working in partnership with Celum, advised marketers on how they can implement and use a content management platform to increase sales and effectively manage global brands in the omni-channel world, and subsequently get a crucial edge over their rivals. The webinar is available on-demand, fill in the form below to listen.

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The webinar is moderated by Chris Sutcliffe, the editor of The Drum Network, who is joined by Celum’s VP of sales, Peter Mielke; chief marketing officer, Eugen Knippel; and head of sales and marketing, Mike Crosby. Together they discuss how content management platforms can benefit agencies, brands and creators, underpinning their work with an efficient system that will help them to forge deeper relationships with their audience and add an extra layer of sharpness to their workflow.

“Engaging content is a real game changer for your customer experience but successful projects require clear objectives, careful planning and a degree of flexibility,” explains Crosby. “Fewer than a third of all projects are finished on time and budget and deadlines are missed frequently, which makes having a content management platform in place absolutely key for marketers to get on top of everything and truly thrive in the digital world.”

He adds: “Having one in place can be truly transformational, and this is something we’re hoping more and more businesses in the marketing industry will start to realise and pick up on.”

In a world where content is often expensive, inefficient and siloed, Crosby and his colleagues argue why a content management platform can help marketers get a clearer picture on what data is and isn’t working. Each explains why a content management platform is imperative when it comes to managing complex product content and global brands as well as resonates with creatives selling to an omni-channel marketplace. They also share case studies from clients who have worked with Celum and seen an improvement in their business.

“An effective content management platform empowers marketing content and amplifies team work,” adds Mielke. “It will help you become better organised and centered as a business driven by branded content. It also encourages better organisation with GDPR-compliant file synching, secure sharing and creative collaborative made possible by Celum systems that are powered by the cloud. Ultimately, we want to show marketers how a content management system can make their lives easier.” 

The Celum team also share top tips for accelerating workflows, improving team efficiency, not getting overwhelmed by data, using a system to bring together sales and marketing, and creating experiences that actually sell.

This Drumcast took place on 11 Dec but is available on-demand here.