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As we enter the year of the Rat on January 25, The Drum's Creative Works pulls together Asia's offerings of Chinese Lunar New Year (CNY) ads.

Brands like Singtel,, Adidas and EcoWorld have revealed their Spring Festival ads across countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, perpetuating the need for family, togetherness and traditions.

Make sure to vote for your favourite campaign below by clicking on the stars. Check back here often to see all the latest campaigns and check out The Drum's ongoing CNY coverage here.

: 'Adidas 2020 CNY'

Date: January 2020
Adidas shows of its new Ultra Boost 2020 and Ultra Boost DNA foootwear in a one-minute spot, featuring a mix of Chinese-inspired cultural references.
Directed by Muh Chen, the ad created by Haomai Advertisement features Chinese performer, Jackson Yee, along with an ensemble cast staging various martial arts and football techniques to a vibrant display and energetic soundtrack.
Client?Adidas ??????????????
Creative Agency?Haomai Advertisement Co., Ltd. ????????????
CCO?Chief Creative Officer??Chan1993 ??
ECD?Executive Creative Director??Miracle Hung ???
CD ?Creative Director??Ian Liu ???
SAD?Senior Art Director??Simon ?? / Outman ??
AD?Art Director??LighthouseTT ??? / Lily ???
Copy Director?Liu Hexin ??? / Fangzhou Guo ???
AAD?Associated Account Director??Sunshine ???
AE?Account Executive??Carol ???
Production DEPT.?
Production House?amanacliq Shanghai Limited ????????????????
Executive Producer?Desmond Sng ???
Producer?Wyvern Chen ??? / Jo Wang ?? / Tiger Wu ??
Production Manager?Dean Hou ??? / Eva Fu ???
Production Assistant?Asuka Gu ?? / Bully Wang ??? / Matthew An ???
Celebrity Handler?Carrie Hu ???
Director?Muh Chen ???
Assistant Director?Xiao Chi Lin ???
Director’s Assistant?Rita Chen ???
D.P.?Shin Chin ??
1st Asst. Camera?Yu Hao Liu ???
Gaffer?Pi Teh ???
Production Design?Touch Down Art Department
Art Director?Ten Zhang ???
Associate Art Director?Bobo Shi ???
Set Designer?Eason Yi ??? / Five Hong ???
Art Assistant?Yank??? / Rain Zhao ??? / Xia Qing ???
Prop Master?Cheng Zhong Hao ??? / Gao Lu ??
Prop Assistant?Chen Hai Tao ??? / Tang Wei ?? / Chang Yong Cun ??? / Li Guo Qiang ??? / Ye Ti Lei ??? / Liu Da Yu ??? / Cao Yu ?? / Gao Ai Jun ??? / Sun Yun Lei ??? / Qin San Chang ??? / Xue De Song ???/ He Kang Guo ???
Action Choreographer?Zhang Hai Yang ??? / Shen Wei Chao ???
Dance Choreographer?Jing Jing ?? / Ying Ying ??
Casting?Dai Qiang ??? / Cicy ??? / Sheng Zi ???
Stylist?Julian Mei
Wardrobe Assistant?Kevin Zhou ?? / Bai Qing Li??? / Yu Hai Di??? / Zhang Yan Ping???
Extras Stylist?Mim Zhu ???
Extras Hair & Make Up?Xi Feng ?? / Na Na ??
Studio & Equipment Rental?
?????????????? / ????????????? / ??????????????? /
Editor?Arthur Yang ???
Composer?Starr Chen ???
Sound Effect?Kiwi Audio & Visual Production Inc. ???????
Sound Effects Editor? Chen Tao Chiang ???
Post-Production House : Grass Jelly Studio ????
Director?Muh Chen ???
Executive Producer?Eliza Lee ???
Project Manager?Ekijo Lai ???
Project Manager’s Assistant?Roddy Hung ???
Financial Manager?Lulu Chen ???
CG & Compositing Lead?Greg Miao ???
Yu Shuo Leung ???
Both Li ???
QB Lian ???
Meiling Chen ???
Eason Chen ???
2D Animator?
Meiling Chen ???
3D Animator?
Janet Wang ???
Youzi Su ???
3D Animator Assistant?
Jia Yu Chen ???
Yuki Chou ???
Ting Yi Lu ???
VFX Artist?
Yu Hsuan Huang ???
Wen Ting Li ???
Compositor’s Assistant?
Eason Chen ???
Ching Chi ??
Jia Yu Chen ???
Yuki Chou ???
Ting Yi Lu ???
Jolly Huang ???
Meiling Chen ???
Zoe Chang ???
iView Post-Production ???? / Pudding Wang ???
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: 'Fobridden City CNY'

Date: January 2020
The Forbidden City, also known as The Palace Museum in Beijing, has collaborated with, China’s largest retailer, to bring its “Chinese Festival” cultural program online for the first time, to welcome 2020 and the coming Year of the Rat.
As part of the promotion, an exquisite brocade box will be launched exclusively on as a giveaway on January 2. Consumers who make purchases during the promotion will have the chance to take home one of these special boxes.
A new scarf gift box will also be launched exclusively on the Palace Museum’s flagship store on JD. In addition, 16 domestic and international brands include Dove, Philips and Baidu will join the promotion and provide their own customized New Year gift boxes for sale to Chinese consumers.
To mark the collaboration, JD and the Forbidden City also released the following video in which the nine auspicious beasts offer their New Year wishes.

Tags: China, chinese new year

: 'His Grandfather’s Road'

Date: January 2020
Singtel has adopted a more comedic approach for its annual Chinese New Year campaign, moving away from its traditional tug at heartstrings approach.
The new campaign is called ‘His Grandfather’s Road’, which is a play on a phrase Singaporeans use to describe drivers who behave as if they own the road.
The campaign’s film showcases a road rage altercation between two families that are in their cars and on their way to visit their relatives and friends on the first day of Chinese New Year, but find themselves stuck headlong on a narrow street and refusing to give way to each other.
The film plays on local pop culture as both families attempt to wait and wear the other party out by using their respective mobile devices to stream drama shows with Singtel’s mobile data and products.
For example, as the family emerges from their vehicles to confront each other, a nosy passer-by attempts to capture their spat on camera, forcing them to scurry back to their cars, averting a confrontation.
They then order food delivery, but their orders are delayed, as their delivery riders have to find alternative mode of transports, a nod to the new personal mobility devices ban by the Singapore government.
The confrontation then ends on a conciliatory note after both families found they had many things in common.
“Chinese New Year is the perfect occasion to reinforce Singtel’s long-held values of celebrating connections that count. Hence, this simple tale of two feuding families who discover they need to be more expansive and “make the right connections” with each other - the film’s tagline,” said Lian Pek, the vice president for group strategic communications and brand at Singtel.
“Of course, as a company, we’re very much about providing high quality and reliable connectivity services that cater to our customers’ changing lifestyles and expectations. So that gets a playful plug too. You can be stuck anywhere, but thanks to technology, life goes on!”
Tags: Singapore

: 'Heart Baker'

Date: January 2020
Created by FCB Kuala Lumpur, ‘Heart Baker’ is the eleventh edition in RHB Bank’s Awakening the Challenger Within campaign and commemorates the upcoming Chinese New Year 2020 festivities. This edition sees the brand’s challenger spirit manifested in ten-year-old Leah Choy, who is also affectionately known as Chef Leah with a Big Heart.
The film takes viewers back to a time when Leah had just started her baking journey, and it unravels the heartfelt motivation behind her incredible display of perseverance despite having to learn baking from scratch and failing multiple times in the beginning.
Group Chief Marketing Officer: Abdul Sani Abdul Murad
Head, Group Brand Communications: Tunku Hazli Bin Tunku Tolha
Manager, Group Brand Communications: Anwar Amin
Senior Manager, Digital Brand Management: Elaine Yap
AGENCY: FCB Kuala Lumpur
Co-owner & Chief Executive Officer: Shaun Tay
Co-owner & Chief Creative Officer: Ong Shi Ping
Head of Account Management: Sharon Rodrigues
Creative Director: Tjer
Creative Group Heads: James Voon, Jonathan Chan
Copywriters: Megan Ong, Felice Puah
Account Executive: Alexis Au-Yong
Senior Producer: Wira Chon
Film Director: Tan Seng Kiat
Associate Executive Producer: Lani Layali
Producer: Lim Shu Jia
Executive Producer: Ram Nabil Chia
Producer: Munirah Razali & Anand Shashidharan
Tags: Malaysia

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