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Paint brand Valspar and creative agency FCN Inferno have brought some colour to a bleak winter general election campaign with an eye-catching political convoy.

Three vans have taken to the streets, each displaying the party colours of the main challengers complete with some colourful language, reflecting the conflicting opinions voters harbour for each leader.

In the red corner, Jeremy Corbyn is painted as both ‘Mad About’ and ‘Faint at Heart’ to reflect his marmite personality while in the blue corner Boris Johnson is presented as ‘Utopia Beckons’ and a ‘Snake Charmer’.

Rounding off the triumvirate of hopefuls is Jo Swinson who is presented as both ‘Light and Fluffy’ and ‘Simply Brilliant’.

Jane Ryder, Valspar’s European marketing director of consumer brands, said: “Our paint names were created specifically to create emotional connections between people and colour – now, we are amplifying this through our travelling election convoy to liberate people’s views and embrace our differences.

"The world would be a pretty grey place if we all felt the same way and with the election provoking more interest than ever, we wanted to use this opportunity to inspire people to be bold.” 

Pre-empting tomorrow's results, a series of Pinterest boards have also been created to show how each would-be PM could give Downing Street a makeover.

Boris Johnson
Jeremy Corbyn
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: 'Colourful Language'

Date: December 2019

Leading paint brand Valspar and creative agency FCB Inferno are hitting the road during this defining week in British politics to bring the nation’s feelings and opinions to life using the power of colour. 

An ‘election convoy’ hits the road today in London and Manchester. Three digital display vans, stretching an impressive 54ft, will take to the city streets – using Valspar’s fun and unique paint names in the appropriate party colours and opinionated prose, as inspiration for people’s voting decision.

The extensive paint range which includes 2,000 colours, each inspired by everyday objects, situations and states of mind, are now also colourfully narrating the polarised mood of the nation. Pinterest boards also reveal how the wanna-be PMs may plan to makeover Downing Street – bringing to life what the interior of No. 10 may look like under the influence of the new (or remaining) resident come Friday morning.


Creative agency: FCB Inferno Katy Wright - Head of Account Management George Bell - Senior Account Manager Charlotte Fitzpatrick - Account Executive Marcus Richardson - Strategy Director CC Clark - EVP Communications EMEA Becky McOwen-Banks - Creative Director Kris Wheater - Senior Copywriter Jono Owens - Senior Art Director Rachael Clarke - Creative Producer Russ Mallows - Creative Producer Becci Salmon - Joint Head of Design Max Fox - Designer Richard Bagley - Head of Studio Steve Clark - Senior Artworker Jude Moore – Editor Mori Thomson - Photographer   Media: Havas Media Patrick Blackman - Business Director 
Tash Reade - Account Manager Elliot Murray - Account Executive   Client: Sherwin-Williams Jane Ryder - European Marketing Director of Consumer Brands Jonathan Greeno - Brand and Digital Marketing Manager of Consumer Brands Laura Harrison - Senior Brand Manager, Valspar   Social media: Born Social  Sarah Rainford - Account Director   PR: Clarion Sue Roberts - Managing Partner Flora Neeson - Senior Account Director Arielle Rawes - Account Director 

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