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A majority of Singaporeans – 64.7% – are comfortable with skippable ads according to the ‘State of Online Video Report’ from Limelight Networks. The numbers remain consistent across most countries surveyed in the Asia region: in India and Korea are nearly neck and neck when it comes to their preference for skippable ads at 67.8% and 67%. 

I’m okay with advertising in online video as long as I can skip it

Pre-rolls are overwhelmingly preferred to ads that interrupt online video – 58.3% of Singaporeans do not mind an ad playing before free content, but only 22.4% are accepting of mid-roll ads. Similar patterns are present through the region: in India, for instance, 62% are comfortable with pre-rolls but only 36.8% are comfortable with ads that play in between content   

I’m okay with a short advertisement before the video if the content is free

I’m okay with multiple advertisements during a longer video if the content is free

The study also revealed an increase in the amount of time spent watching online videos across the globe. In Singapore, it accounted for a lion’s share of viewing: seven hours and 37 minutes compared to five hours 44 minutes of broadcast video content. This puts Singapore in the  top five global markets for online video. In India too, online video had an edge. 

In Japan and South Korea though, cable, satellite and broadcast video had longer viewing hours than online video.

Binge viewing was a huge phenomenon worldwide according to the report – with a global average of two hours 40 minutes. Singaporeans are just below the global average at two hours 35 minutes while 

Singaporeans are also consuming more online video services with 64% of Singaporeans subscribing to at least one streaming service (compared to just 48% in 2018). Dedicated streaming devices are growing in popularity, used by 72% of Singaporeans compared to 67% in 2018. In India, only 21.6% of online video users had not subscribed to even one service. Price was a key reason to unsubscribe from these services with 55.5% of Singaporeans opting out, higher than the global average of 52.2%.

Sports could however result in a significant uptick in the consumption of online video if latency issues are addressed. The report said: “Traditional live online streaming events are generally delayed by 30 seconds or more from the broadcast feed, and more than half of Singaporeans (55%) are more likely to watch live sports online if the stream was not delayed from the broadcast. The number increased to 80% in India and nearly 70% in South Korea. 

Would you be more likely to stream live sports if you knew it wasn’t delayed from TV broadcast?

Speaking about the report, Limelight Networks director of South East Asia said: “Singaporeans enjoy live streaming global sporting events on their devices, but with the rise of social media usage, every second of delay can potentially ruin the game when online viewers learn about big plays from social media before seeing the action online

“Especially in the upcoming 2019 Southeast Asian Games, the pressure is on for streaming providers to invest in video enabled edge services that deliver seamless user experiences in real-time.”

The report was based on responses from 4,500 consumers in France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, the U.K., and the U.S. age 18 and older, who watch one hour or more of online video content each week. The full report can be accessed here.

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