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Moviegoers are likely to be less distracted than at-home viewers and about half of ticket buyers are 25 years old or younger, making them a prime target for advertising, according to John Partilla, CEO of Screenvision.

“The audience is a uniquely engaged audience,” Partilla told Ad Age on the sidelines of the Association of National Advertisers’ “Masters of Marketing” conference in Orlando this month.

Clearly, as the CEO of a company that runs ads on roughly 15,000 screens at more than 2,500 theaters, Partilla is eager to see more marketers add in-theater ads to their media plans.

At-home viewers can skip commercials and might be more distracted by a second screen than people settling into their seats for a feature flick.

“In that giant theater with that 40-foot canvas, you’re really engaged and immersed,” said Partilla.

In a good sign for the industry, box office receipts and attendance rose in 2018 after falling in 2017, according to the National Association of Theatre Owners. 

When it comes to measurement, Partilla has one wish.

“What I wish there would be less of is the feeling that people aren’t as clear about how their data is being managed and used,” he said.

Hear more from Partilla in the video above.