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CNN is highlighting the use and importance of sake (Japanese rice wine) in the culinary world.

As part of the campaign 'Escape the Ordinary' created by Electric Lime films and The Japan Food Product Overseas Promotion Center? (Jfoodo) , two films have been rolled out featuring a master sake sommelier, Joshua Kalinan and chef Pepe Moncayo.

The ?rst ?lm focuses on a sake tasting held by Kalinan where he talks about how sake is thousand years old and how he was introduced to it in Tokyo and thereafter, his love for sake continued.

The second film highlights the unconventional heights that certain ingredients can reach if accompanied by sake. He shows the preparation of two of his signature ?sh-based and sake-matched dishes focusing on the selection and combination of the ingredients and how they interact with sake.

The films were shot in Singapore and Washington DC and directed by Damiano Fieramosca.


: 'Escape the Ordinary'

Date: October 2019
Electric Lime Films worked with JFoodo and CNN to bring an insightful look to the world of sake. Two character pieces, told by a master sake sommelier and a world renowned chef shed light onto a drink that in many countries is unjustly relegated to the status of ‘free shot after a sushi dinner’.
Directed by Damiano Fieramosca, these pieces unfold through personal and intimate insights by creating sensory experiences through immersive sound design and distinct visual textures.
Director: Damiano Fieramosca
DOP: Ridwan Zulkifli, Paul Raphael D'Indy
Client: JFoodo
Agency: CNN Create
Executive Producer: Michael Ahmadzadeh
Head of Production: Rory Cavanagh
Producers: Alia Abouraya, André Rodrigues
1st AC: Amsyar Abu Bakar, Zac Gaetano
Soundmen: Wayne Chia, Emre Yagci
PM: Nabil Nazri
PA:  Josh Kim, Joel Ang
Hair & Makeup: Zirah
BTS: Josh Kim, Joel Ang, David Ibragimov
Editors: Josh Kim, David Ibragimov
Talents: Joshua Kalinan, Pepe Moncayo
Colourgrading: electriclimefilms
Kit: Alexa Mini with Atlas Orion Lens Kit
Equipment Rental: Cinegear, Capital Camera Rental
Tags: Singapore