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Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF) has unveiled a breast self-examination 'Nursery reminder' campaign as part of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The campaign created by DDB Group Singapore features the tune of 'Wheels on a bus', the nursery rhyme 'Molly Monkey sings and saves' contains phrases like 'up and down' and 'round and round' to illustrate the movements of a breast self-exam. 

The campaign comes in response to a recent BCF survey indicating that while 90% of Singaporeans understand and appreciate the importance of regular breast examinations and the risk of developing breast cancer, only 45% perform regular checks.

Chris Chiu, group chief creative officer at DDB Group Singapore said: "Because of their busy lives, women may neglect caring for their health. Even more so when they become mothers and put their children's needs above their own. So this year, we're involving their children to remind them to take care of themselves. Though they might be young, children can be the most powerful influencers in our lives.”

David Fong, general manager at BCF, added: "Molly Monkey sings and saves’ is essentially a mnemonic that could save your life. Each time you hear the tune, we want it to remind you to do your self-checks.”

Breast Cancer Foundation NZ also recently unveiled app to teach women to look for breast cancer.

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