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John Dokes is chief content officer at AccuWeather and president of the AccuWeather TV network. He’s also a jazz singer with three albums to his name. His latest, “True Love,” is out this year from Rondette Jazz.

In this episode of the “Ad Block” podcast, Dokes talks about how he got into singing. “I came to it late in life,” he says, after his dance partner heard him crooning under his breath. She suggested he sing with the band, and he has been ever since. He has a standing gig each week with a 10-piece big band and also performs with a quintet.

At first, he kept his work life and show business firmly separated. But during his years at Marvel Comics, he began to invite clients to his shows. “I would close the deal at the show, and I started to think, maybe this shouldn’t be a secret thing,” he says.

Now his work colleagues know all about his other life, and he uses his profession to help fuel his creative endeavors. “Inspiration comes from a variety of places,” like coworkers, Dokes says. “The things they’re talking about can come out in songs that I’m writing, poetry that I’m writing.”

Dokes also weighs in on what’s next for his musical career, his years at Marvel Comics and that time an accurate weather forecast saved Eddie Vedder from an onstage lightning bolt.