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Reebok is running full-steam ahead under new top marketer Matt Blonder, debuting the latest spot from its “Sport the Unexpected” campaign. The trippy 60-second commercial takes place at a beauty salon and stars Cardi B, Reebok's Club C sneakers and some crazy fingernails.

The campaign “celebrates bold, unapologetic risk takers who reshape culture—those who are anything but expected,” said Inga Stenta, senior director of global marketing at Adidas-owned Reebok in a statement, adding that the musical artist is a great “embodiment” of that message.

The spot is the third in a campaign that the Boston-based brand began in March to reignite consumer interest after years of taking a backseat to larger labels, including Nike and Adidas.

To that end, Reebok has been focusing its marketing efforts on classic styles like the Club C, which was originally launched in the 80s as a tennis sneaker. The brand has been enjoying a fashion resurgence of late, having recently been worn by celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Ariana Grande.

“Sport the Unexpected” debuted under Melanie Boulden, the former Crayola chief marketing officer who joined Reebok last year to lead its marketing. Boulden recently left the sportswear brand to become president and general manager of Coca-Cola’s venturing and emerging brands division, beginning August.

Last week, Reebok announced that Matt Blonder, vice president of marketing and digital brand commerce, would oversee its marketing. He is expected to emphasize the brand’s focus on digital. (Reebok recently launched a new website.)

The new commercial is the final piece of work from Reebok’s former creative agency Venables Bell & Partners. Earlier this year, Boulden launched a review and selected Deutsch to begin handling creative work beyond the “Sport the Unexpected” campaign.