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Manchester United legend Eric Cantona has leaned into his extensive knowledge of the continent to teach English fans how to travel and enjoy the culture of Madrid for the Champions League final. Tournament sponsor commissioned the ad alongside some extensive research. 

One worrying stat was that a fifth of traveling football fans did not even know what city they were in - showing there is space for educational content. is looking to inform fans of English sides Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool FC ahead of their clash on 1 June in Madrid with hundreds of thousands of fans expected to descend upon the Spanish capital.

It has fallen upon the Frenchman to urge fans to expand their horizons, put down the kebab, go visit a museum and mingle with the locals. 

Adam Jay, president of brand, said: “Away football fans are some of the most passionate in the world, but we know that not everyone takes the opportunity to fully enjoy their host city. As a travel brand, we want to change that and who better to show you how to be the perfect traveling fan than a cultural icon like Eric Cantona.”

Cantona added: "It’s time to open your eyes and experience the beauty of the places you are visiting when you follow your team. and I believe that traveling abroad can be an even more rewarding experience if you really embrace the local culture and everything it has to offer. Learn the language, drink in the culture, meet the local people and become the perfect traveling fan."

Cantona's no stranger to an ad. He has fronted bold work for Paddy Power and Kronenbourg.

It is a timely spot from, seeing as Arsenal and Chelsea fans are having a difficult time fulfilling their ticket allocations for Uefa sister tournament Europa League final in Baku, Azerbaijan.

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: ' & Eric Cantona present perfect travelling fans'

Date: May 2019
With hundreds of thousands of Tottenham Hotspur F.C. and Liverpool F.C. fans set to descend on the streets of Madrid for the 2019 UEFA Champions League Final,® and legendary footballer Eric Cantona are encouraging Brits to be more cultured when they hit the Spanish capital. Time to bench the Full English!
Cultural icon King Eric, alongside official travel partner of the UEFA Champions League, is calling on supporters of both sides to open their eyes, breathe in the culture and unearth the delights of Madrid. Rather than getting to know the inside of Irish bars and fast food joints, get to know and mingle with the locals, try the regional cuisine and even substitute pubs for art galleries. Watch the full video here.
Cantona’s plea comes following research unveiled by travel champions, which reveals that football fans aren’t likely to be culture vultures when they head for a European away day to watch their team.
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