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ADK has launched a new creative agency venture called Fact with a cryptic strapline to “create facts and activate people”.

The company said it is developing a “boutique satellite structure” geared towards finding new marketing strategies for its clients.

In a wordy statement heavy with marketing speak, ADK said Fact will “aim to seek, or even create with the clients, the valuable facts that have not been discovered, to activate people”.

Furthermore, Fact claimed it will “not simply listen to briefs”, but “build proposals based on discoveries”.

“The real issues or intentions behind a brief must be found, so that ideas can be developed utilizing valuable facts that will move people,” the statement continues. “Fact will have conversations with clients as their creative partners to make this possible.

“And to stay on top of what is happening, social issues and facts that can lead to solutions will constantly be observed to construct ideas for proactive proposals to brands, companies and municipalities”.

ADK executive creative director Masato Mitsudera said the “value of information is being highly questioned”, with the industry facing a task of “updating the work of communication”.

“My goal is to pursue activities with the mission to truly activate people through creative ideas based on “valuable facts” that people will want to convey to others,” he said in the statement

“I have been able to find a diverse group of talented people who can analyse the issues and society without losing sight of what is essential, and arrive at solutions. We look forward to creating a movement for this new era.”

The launch of Fact comes at a time when, according to ADK, brands are under pressure to “reassess their existence, think about how to realise both social and economic values, and to put these into practice.”

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