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Date: April 2019
Manchester United has launched a diversity campaign as part of its longstanding #AllRedAllEqual commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion. 
Discrimination in football is one of the major challenges that the sport faces today. It is a sad reality that players and their fans are constantly at the receiving end of homophobic, racist, sexist and ableist rhetoric, which is found at football games, on social feeds and literally anywhere the game touches. 
As part of Manchester United's endeavour to make progress in this area, it has launched a HATRED campaign that features members of its women's and men's teams. The campaign is part of its #AllRedAllEqual diversity commitment which launched in 2016. 
Alongside banners which will be displayed at Old Trafford East Stand, Manchester United's home stadium, a centre-circle flag will be placed on the pitch to mark the occasion. 
It has unveiled a video to accompany the launch. The film features Manchester United players, including Anthony Martial, Juan Mata and Jesse Lingard from the men's team and Emily Ramsey and Martha Harris from the women's. 
In the film, each of the players discusses the campaign's message and show their reaction to discriminatory opinions and anti-social posts. 
Alongside the film and Old Trafford banners, the club's website and social media will feature messaging around the club’s opposition to discrimination and promoting the #AllRedAllEqual commitment to its diverse global fan base.
Tags: UK, Football, manchester united, creative works

: 'Parkinson's Is...'

Date: April 2019
Parkinson's UK has launched a campaign to mark World Parkinson’s Day (11 April) which seeks to raise awareness of the brutality and gravity of the neurological condition that affects two people every hour. 
Created by Engine, the 'Parkinson's Is' ad seeks to educate the general public on the condition, to show it is far more than just the widely perceived shake.
It also looks to challenge the misconception that the condition predominately affects older men, and show that it is prevalent in a much more diverse group of people than they might expect. 
The film opens with a young tattooed father explaining that “Parkinson’s is my depression”, a lesser known symptom, while a young mother follows with “Parkinson’s is my slowness of movement”, as we see a lipstick simply held next to her lips.  
Alongside the individual stories, the film also explores how the condition affects others, including a woman describing how she worries about her husband’s next fall.  
To ensure the campaign is authentic, Engine made sure it featured four people who live with Parkinson’s as opposed to using actors.
The work will run for six weeks on Broadcast VOD and across Facebook and Instagram social channels.  
Client: Parkinson’s UK 
Agency: Engine 
Executive Creative Director:  Charlie Johnson 
Creative: James Ranson 
Agency Producers: Lauren Havard, Nicky Myers 
Account Handling: Simon Hewitt 
Planning: Allan Blair 
Media Agency: Mediacom 
Production Company: Trailer Park 
Director/Animator: Chris Parton 
Tags: UK, Parkinson’s UK, creative works

: '#PrideJubilee'

Date: April 2019
The organiser of London's iconic parade, Pride in London, has launched the theme of this years event that marks 50 years since the Stonewall Uprising that changed the course of LGBT+ history forever.
To celebrate half a century since the night that sparked the global movement, the title of this year's parade is 'Pride Jubilee.' 
The Stonewall Riots took place on June 28, 1969, when members of the LGBT+ community at the Stonewall Inn in New York rose up against continued oppression.
To mark 50 years of activism, protests and victories that have led to the Pride that takes place today, Pride in London is calling upon its community to highlight moments that have defined the Pride movement for them; from the infamous shot glass thrown by Marsha P Johnson on the night of the Stonewall riots, to the scrapping of Section 28, it wants to commemorate the milestones that paved the way for LGBT+ rights today. 
As part of the launch, Pride of London's creative agency, BMB created a video that encapsulates the theme. 
BMB was appointed by Pride in London last year, after years of relying on the ad industry's charity. It was drafted in to work with the brand on developing on a communications plan that will see it through the entire year, not just the Pride event in July. 
Tags: London, Pride in London, creative works, bmb

: 'Brixton Finishing School'

Date: April 2019

The all-inclusive programme for digital talent, Brixton Finishing School, has launched its first campaign since it opened its doors back in 2018. 

The Brixton Finishing School is the brainchild of Ally Owen, who responded to the need for diverse talent in advertising.

Although black, Asian and minority ethnic people (BAME) representation is increasing, there is still a long way to go. Only 13.8% of UK ad agency employees identify as BAME, while only 5.6% of C-Suite executives are from ethnic minority backgrounds. 

To raise awareness of the 12-week digital 'accelerator' programme for young, under-represented groups, the campaign presents a series of eye-catching ads that celebrate the importance of inexperienced and creative young people. 

Demonstrating the creativity the school has quickly become renowned for, the ads artistically highlight how no prior education or experience are needed to enroll on the course.

The series of clean designs which seek to strikingly capture their intended audience were created pro bono by Brave, with substantial media space donated by Clear Channel. 

Tags: UK, creative works
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: 'What The Cluck?'

Date: April 2019

KFC has unveiled a zesty campaign with a punchy tagline that promotes its value chicken range. 

Jestingly playing on the expletive phrase, KFC UK & Ireland wants its audience shouting 'What the Cluck?' at the price of its chicken on 'Wow Tuesdays' - its discount day in store. 

To draw attention to KFC's discount day and it's new hot wings bucket, Mother has created a series of bold 10- and 20-second films. Packed with punch, the films capture the winning feeling of getting food for less. 

Intended for a youthful audience, the spots are lively and bold. Each feature a group of young kids, who shout 'What the Cluck?' at KFC's value prices, before transforming into super-charged, dancing and dunking, animated chickens.


Product/Title -  KFC WTC

Creative – Mother

Strategy - Mother

Production Company – FRIEND TV

Directors – ManVsMachine

Man V Machine Producer- Caroline Muhlich

Production Company Producer – Sarah Tognazzi

Editor– Ben Campbell

Edit House – Cut & Run

Post House – Electric Theatre Collective

Post House Producer: Alasdair Patrick

Sound House: 750mph

Sound Engineer: Sam Robson

Music Supervisor: John Connon @ Mr Pape

Music Tracks: ‘I Win’ Lethal Bizzle feat Skepta

Tags: UK, kfc, creative works
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: 'Everyday Ageism '

Date: April 2019
Over-50s dating app Lumen has persuaded half a dozen people to bare all in a protest against "everyday ageism" in advertising, with each model handed nothing but a placard emblazoned with an anti-ageism slogan to protect their modesty.
Each person featured in the campaign presents an eye-catching message in support of their cause to such as: ‘Grey hair don’t care’, ‘Nobody puts Granny in the corner’ and ‘It’s our time to be seen’; different iterations of which will be presented to commuters on the London Underground from Monday (8 April).
Charly Lester, co-founder and chief marketing officer of Lumen, remarked: “The fact that almost nine in 10 over-50s think that advertising aimed at them needs to change should be a real wake-up call to the industry about the ‘everyday ageism’ all around us. Not only is it a case of underrepresentation, but heavily edited images are making older people feel like it’s not ok to be themselves.”
The campaign launch follows on from Lumen’s ‘Sexy Santa’ ad, which was accused of ‘objectifying’ an older model, being banned from the Transport for London (TfL) network last year.
“Our Santa billboard, that was banned in December, was designed to make the ‘invisible over-50s visible, and show just because you’re aged over 50 doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy and have a little fun – and it was phenomenally successful. We’re calling on advertisers to reconsider how they portray older age groups and show them for the attractive, funny and real people they are.”
Tags: UK

: '#choosegiffgaff'

Date: January 1970
Giffgaff’s 2019 brand campaign #choosegiffgaff launches during Britain’s Got Talent with a 60-second film created in collaboration with Blink’s, Fred Rowson. The film is supported by the most extensive OOH campaign in giffgaff’s history alongside a crafted digital/social media campaign.
It is a playful-yet-thought-provoking film, reflecting the cultural zeitgeist. It takes viewers on a whirlwind tour across a breadth of characters all being empowered through the freedom to make their own choices.
The film dances through a series of scenes, as varied and bonkers as the formats it is filmed on, reflecting the myriad of choices we are free to make in what is now our culture and is set to Bow Wow Wow’s I Want Candy.
Giffgaff has always been a disruptive and market challenging brand, and its creative output continues to show this. Whoever you are, whatever you do, whatever your needs, giffgaff is there to offer you the best most flexible plan to fit around you and your choices. The freedom to be yourself. 
The OOH is a quirky concept based on a recognised voting boxes format and tells the individual stories of giffgaff members across the country and was created by Made by Blah.
Client: giffgaff
Title: #choosegiffgaff
Head of Advertising: Abi Pearl Ward
Head of Social: Layla West
Agency: giffgaff
Agency Producer: Tracy Stokes @Like Minded Individuals
Agency PA: Olivia Anastasiou
Creative Director: Fred Rowson
Production company: Blink
Director: Fred Rowson
Prod co Producer: Corin Taylor
Executive Producer: Paul Weston
DOP: Jamie Feliu Torres
Production Designer: Tim Gibson
Wardrobe Stylist: Kate Forbes
1st AD: Julian Richards
Production Manager: Abi Jones
Editor: Sacha Szwarc
Edit House: Speade
Post Production: MPC
Colourist: Matthieu Toullet
Producer: Louise Unwin
Service Company: BAS Productions
Music Company: Eclectic Music Limited
Performer: Bow Wow Wow
Title: I Want Candy
Composer: Bob Feldman/Jerry Goldstein/Richard Gottehrer/Bert Russell
Recording studio: Wave Studios
Sound Design Dugal MacDiarmid/Martin Leitner
Outdoor Media: Made by Blah
Socials director Will Hooper@Blink
Social Editor. Sam Allen @Speade
Socials Post Big Buoy
Tags: UK, Brand campaign