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: 'Jaggad x Rocky'

Date: April 2019
Australian activewear brand Jaggad is attempting to break into the US athletic apparel market with a new ad focused on model and influencer Rocky Barnes, the granddaughter of Bruce Lee’s trainer.
Jaggad's debut campaign was created by Los Angeles independent production agency Summerjax. Jaggad hopes to bring the success it’s had in Australia to the US athletic apparel market, positioning itself against both the competitive attitude of Nike and the yoga-focused Lululemon. It views itself as less of a fashion brand and more of a health brand.
So when the brand chose its first US brand ambassador, Rocky was perfect for the campaign because of a largely untold aspect of her story. Rocky is a boxer and martial arts expert with a deep legacy in that world. Not only is she a blackbelt, but her grandfather trained Bruce Lee.
The video by Summerjax takes a stripped-back approach, opening with moody shots of Los Angeles and following Barnes into a boxing gym. Instead of music, a staccato ticking sound plays in the background. “I know this place well; it’s in my blood. My grandfather and great-grandfather were here before me,” Barnes said as she hit the punching bags inside the shadowy gym.
Client - Jaggad
Talent - Rocky Barnes
Production Company - Summerjax Inc
DP - Jeremy Pettit
Editor - Max Edit & Jeremy Pettit
Tags: United States
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: 'Smokey Bear 75th Birthday'

Date: April 2019
In honor of Smokey Bear’s 75th birthday (August 9, 2019) the USDA Forest Service, the National Association of State Foresters and the Ad Council have teamed up with FCB – the original agency to work on Smokey – to celebrate the nation’s favorite bear. To ensure that Smokey Bear’s important message of wildfire prevention is heard throughout the nation, Stephen Colbert, Al Roker and Jeff Foxworthy have joined the historic campaign, lending their voices to help expand on Smokey’s iconic catchphrase through the use of facial recognition and voice technologies.
For years, through the assured voice of actor Sam Elliott, Smokey Bear has only said five words: “Only you can prevent wildfires.” Now, to complement this signature message, Smokey’s friends are stepping up to say more about wildfire prevention on his behalf and help millions of Americans understand the importance of the issue, especially as wildfires become more widespread and deadly. Utilizing facial recognition and mapping technology, coupled with instantly recognizable celebrity voices, the animated emoji campaign has enabled Smokey’s famous friends to speak through him and further raise awareness of fire safety and wildfire prevention, in an effort to reduce the incidence of unplanned human-caused wildfires.
Colbert’s effort finds him calling himself ‘Stephen Col-bear’ as he says that he’s filling in for Smokey. He states that 90% of wildfires are caused by humans being careless. “I guess Billy (Joel) was wrong. We did start the fire,” he states. The video shows the animated head of Smokey against outdoor backdrops. Foxworthy and Roker also add their own signature spins to the animations.
The Ad Council
USDA Forest Service
National Association of State Foresters
Tags: United States

: 'Every Project is Worth It'

Date: April 2019
Kilz is taking paint ads to an emotional level with the new campaign for its line of primers, which lay the foundation for great paint jobs. Led by commercials that depict the delight of people seeing their dream rooms for the first time, the campaign involves several layers of content to take audiences from inspiration to education and preparation.
Spots key on the satisfaction that makes all the work of painting worthwhile by showing people reacting to common occasions where people paint, without showing what they’re seeing. The idea is to recreate the suspense of home improvement shows, which tease into commercial breaks with guests’ extreme reactions to something being revealed off-camera.
In the 30-second called 'Reveal,' we watch five scenarios of people being beckoned or led to see something. First, there’s the anticipation, from a little girl running up the stairs and a husband covering his pregnant wife’s eyes as he walks her forward to a couple beckoning a grandfather to come see something. Then we get intense reactions from gasps to smiles and tears. The spot closes with “every project is worth it,” the Kilz logo and a button pointing viewers to “see what they see.”
The video ad leads to an interactive landing page entitled “Every project is worth it,” which shows the five rooms that actors are reacting to. Each is a common occasion to repaint, and provides both before-and-after comparisons and step-by-step instructions. The instructions start with priming the surfaces, a foundation step largely lost on a new generation of homeowners. By clicking on the products listed, visitors can go straight to where to buy them.
Also, a series of hero animations will appear on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, where people increasingly look for before-and-after imagery and instruction. 
Client: KILZ, BEHR Company
Chief Marketing Officer: Jodi Allen
Senior Director, Brand Marketing: Andy Lopez
Senior Brand Manager: Mallory Jurich
Brand Manager: Tiffany Higgins
KILZ Art Manager: Jessica Cramer
Digital Marketing Manager: John Buzyn
Digital Marketing: Jennifer Ferguson
Agency: Arcana Academy
Creative Directors: Lee Walters, Shane Hutton
Agency Producer: Jessica Darke
Account Management: Nicole Young, Kensy Reissig
Director: Richard Farmer
Line Producer: Elliot Feld
Photography: Mark Read Photography
Photography: Madigan Studios
Photographer: Keith Madigan
Photographer: Jacob Williams
Prop Stylist: Nick Hamblen
Editorial and Sound: Arcana 101
Editor: John Jenkins
Editorial Assistant: Stephen Shirk
Sound Design and Mix: D. Chris Smith
Animation: Laundry
Head of Production: Matthew Primm
Producer: Dean Marchand
Project Coordinator: Stephanie Alvarez, Kelly Barnhardt
Creative Direction: Tony Liu & PJ Richardson
Design: Micah Fitzgerald, Yoojin Seol
3D Animation & Compositing: Micah Fitzgerald, Alan Ng, Teppei Maki
Web Development: Accenture
Tags: United States

: 'Hidden Talents'

Date: April 2019
State Farm received the JD Power award for the fifth year in a row for customer satisfaction in life insurance late last year. Not many know this, which is why State Farm has partnered with DDB on its latest creative campaign to highlight this ‘hidden talent’ with the help of some familiar – and equally talented – faces.
State Farm’s 'Hidden Talents' creative showcases the hidden talents of Ken Jeong and Terry Crews to demonstrate that the company customers know and trust for home and auto is also the company they can trust for life insurance.
The spots feature Jeong (who is an actual medical doctor) and Crews (who is a trained flutist) demonstrating their talents alongside real-life State Farm agents. In one, Crews plays his flute (and throws in a trademark pec flex), and in another Jeong examines an unusual X-Ray. In both scenarios the State Farm agents explain that they, too, have a hidden talent when it comes to providing life insurance.
“It feels good to be known for more than one thing!” Crews proclaims, followed by a spontaneous dancing pec display.
CLIENT: State Farm
Assistant Vice President Marketing, David Quinn
Marketing Director, Matt Coleman
Marketing Manager, Becky Hill
Marketing Analyst, Tammy White
Marketing Analyst, Liza Hawkins
Marketing Analyst, Ross Wheeler
Chief Creative Officer, DDB North America: Ari Weiss
Chief Creative Officer, DDB Chicago, John Maxham
Chief Production Officer, DDB Chicago, Diane Jackson
Executive Creative Director, Mel Routhier
Creative Director - AD, Brian Culp
Creative Director - CW, Katie Bero
Executive Producer, Matt Blitz
Executive Producer, Amy Turner
Group Account Director, Ben Gladstone
Account Director, Jake Lestan
Account Supervisor, Amanda Ouellette
Account Executive, Katie Murphy
Strategist, Jesse Bayer
Director, Jeff Low
Partner/Managing Director, Shawn Lacy
Executive Producer, Jeff McDougall
Head of Production, Mercedes Allen-Sarria/Rachel Glaub
Producer, Grace Bodie
Editor, Will Hasell
Executive Producer, Crissy DeSimone
Producer, Anna Butler
Assistant, Josh Miller
AUDIO POST: 225 Studio
Engineer, Nicholas Papaleo
Producer, Cameron Aper
Flame Lead: Andre Arevalo
Producer: Ciaran Birks
Senior Producer: Karena Ajamian
Executive Producer: Karen Anderson
TELECINI: Company 3
Colorist, Sean Coleman
Vice President/Short Film, Ashley McKin
TALENT: The Marketing Arm
Managing Director: Matt Delzell
Talent Director: Matt Fleming
Account Director: Alex Duncan
Tags: United States

: 'WNBA Rebrand'

Date: April 2019
The WNBA’s logo is getting a new look and the league is resetting its brand for the upcoming season.
The league unveiled its plans, intent on embracing the optimism of the women across the WNBA in building the next generation of fans.
The WNBA’s 23rd season begins May 24, with the Seattle Storm the defending champion.
The league partnered with Sylvain Labs, an innovation and brand design consultancy last year, to learn more about its existing fans and potential new fans. They developed a long-term growth strategy and identify new marketing opportunities.
The two groups, along with player input, came up with the league’s new logo.
It’s the first time the league will have a new logo since 2013. While the new logo won’t be on the uniforms or balls until next year because of the lack of production time needed to do it, it will be everywhere else around the league.
The league also has a new marquee partner in AT&T.
Agency: Sylvain Labs
Client: WNBA
Tags: United States
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: 'Aflac Isn't and ACM partnership'

Date: April 2019
During the ACM Awards, Aflac had a commanding presence, promoting its ‘Aflac Isn’t’ awareness campaign, but also handing out a co-branded award to Brandon Ray, a musician who has lifted the spirits of kids in hospitals with his songs.
This is the second year for the Aflac ACM Lifting Lives Honor, and according to Aflac, it’s the first time a brand has developed a single partnership honor with ACM.
Ray was recognized for his contributions toward bringing the healing power of music to patients in hospitals across the country as a volunteer with Musicians On Call, a nonprofit organization that brings live and recorded music to the bedsides of patients in health care facilities. Aflac and Pearce delivered the honor in partnership with ACM Lifting Lives – the philanthropic arm of the Academy of Country Music – during the ACM Stories, Songs and Stars event on April 5.
The brand took the footage of Ray receiving the award in Las Vegas and playing for kids at the children’s hospital, and worked with Dick Clark Productions and other partner agencies – including media agency Spark Foundry and creative agency Publicis – to turn around an ad in 48 hours to run during the televised awards ceremony.
The 'Aflac Isn't' campaign shows that Aflac isn’t homeowners insurance, or car insurance, or even duck insurance, but helps with expenses health insurance doesn’t cover. It aims to break the misconceptions people may have with the brand.
Media Agency: Spark Foundry
Creative Agency: Publicis
Public Relations Agency: Marina Maher Communications
Academy of Country Music
ACM Lifting Lives
Musicians On Call
dick clark productions
CBS Television Network
Tags: United States
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