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French rugby legend Sébastien Chabal has tackled The Proclaimers hit 500 miles in a music video promoting Marriott’s sponsorship of the 2019 Hong Kong Sevens.

The music video, which is part of Marriott Bonvoy’s sponsorship of Hong Kong’s biggest sporting event, sees Chabal singing along to the classic hit in a variety of costumes.

The ad, which launched on social media and on stadium big screens, pays tribute to the rugby event, which is renowned for the dress-up costumes worn by rugby fans at the games, and their penchant to sing the iconic hit song.

It also leverages the popularity of Chabal, who fronted Marriott Bonvoy’s popular 2018 campaign.

“Last year’s campaign featuring Sébastien Chabal really struck a chord with the audience in Hong Kong and beyond. It was recently voted ‘Best HK Rugby Sevens Ad of All Time’, so we’re hoping to repeat this remarkable success for Marriott Bonvoy at this year’s Sevens, and get everyone singing, dancing, and talking about the launch of the world’s biggest travel programme,” said Reed Collins, chief creative officer at Ogilvy Hong Kong.

Chabal also dressed as a French maid for Marriott’s 2019 campaign, which saw the retired rugby star smashing through walls for its ‘Stay Brilliant’ campaign. 

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