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Although direct-selling beauty brand Avon has been in operation for over 133 years, its glory days date back to when the company launched its iconic Ding Dong television advertising campaign in 1954. The campaign, which ran for 13 years, featured a glamorous saleswoman dubbed the Avon Lady, sporting a pillbox hat and white gloves. By carrying samples of perfumes, lipsticks and lotions in her equally glamorous bag, the Avon Lady attempted to solve the everyday woman’s beauty needs.

Today, the international arm of the beauty company, Avon Products Inc., is attempting to capture a bit of that magic with a retooled lens on digital. New CEO Jan Zijderveld, who came to the company from Unilever Europe in February 2018, laid out his ambitious plans to dedicate $300 million to digital initiatives by 2021 at the company’s Investor Day in September 2018. The latest iteration of that plan is focused on the creation of the Avon Academy, which will train 500,000 entrepreneurs every month. The training program is Avon’s largest to date and will provide both existing and new representatives with learning opportunities through a combination of online videos, interactive modules and peer support via a mobile-enabled platform.

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