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MillerCoors is making a major marketing investment in Italian beer Peroni as it attempts to seize on recent sales weakness of competing European imports, Stella Artois and Heineken.

The brewer, which has controlled Peroni's U.S. marketing and distribution since 2005, will launch Peroni's first U.S. national campaign, including TV ads, later this month. The campaign is by MDC Partners-owned Mono of Minneapolis, which won the account last year.

Ads evoke a quirky sense of Italian style, using the tagline "Birra Beautifully." (Birra is Italian for beer.) One spot shows a couple converting blue-and-white striped beach umbrellas into a blazer and dress before heading to a beach bar. In another ad, a woman dives to the bottom of a pool in her dress to retrieve a bottle opener.

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