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Budweiser has launched a collection of streetwear in India as part of its Budweiser Experiences platform. 

The Budxstreet collection has been created in collaboration with “culture shapers” like VegNonVeg, Huemn, NorBlackNorWhite, Hanif Kureshi and Boxout.FM.

It includes some pieces that call back to the beer brand’s iconic campaigns; for instance, a piece from Huemn which is supposed to have been inspired by the iconic ‘Wassup?’ campaign.

The reason a beer brand is selling clothes is to get around India’s extremely stringent laws against alcohol advertising, making the entire alcoholic beverage business rely on surrogates.

Ads for alcohol brands often end with a sign-off claiming to sell mineral water, ‘club soda’ and, improbably enough in an age of streaming, music CDs. 

Many brands have embraced the relatively unregulated spaces of digital and social media. The site will not just be a point of sale for the collection, but has information on beer brands just a click away.   

Speaking about the launch, AB InBev’s vice president of marketing for South Asia Kartikeya Sharma said: “We are thrilled to launch Budxstreet in India, which is our platform to engage the rising street culture community in India.

“The synergies in the ideals and beliefs of the brand and that of the collaborators have enabled the curation of a collection that is not only exclusive but also inspirational and distinct. We have a strong ambition for this in the future.”

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