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The demarcation between pleasingly relevant and Big Brother creepy is increasingly amorphousand definitely in the eye of the beholder. As a consumer, you'd like to believe your personal data is protected. At the same time, most of us welcome, if not expect, the personalization that sites like Amazon and Netflix use to enhance your shopping experience. It's a fine line that more and more businesses are straddling.

But what if your company enables other marketers to push right up to that line? How do you make sure your technology is seen as a force of good? To answer this question and more, I spoke with Mark Floisand, chief marketing officer of Coveo, a company whose AI-powered search technology plugs into massive marketing platforms like Salesforce, GoogleApps, YouTube and Sitecore. For laymen, this means they enable personalization at scale, something Floisand firmly believes is not just a positive but also a prerequisite for success in the digital world.

What's the thinking behind your "Make Business Personal" tagline?

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