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Average CMO tenure is getting a bit longer, and while women are still in the minority, they're better represented among chief marketing officers than anywhere else in the C-suite, according to a new study by sales intelligence firm Winmo.

The mean CMO tenure among 2,400 executives in the study was almost 43 months. The median was 33, as some particularly long-lived CMOs pulled up the mean. (Unilever's Keith Weed, who will retire next year after nine years, and Procter & Gamble Co. Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchard, who already has logged 10, come to mind.)

Tenures measured by Winmo are up considerably from a mean of 37.5 and median of 27 months in its March 2017 study covering 1,400 executives. A study from Spencer Stuart released earlier this year of CMOs at 100 leading advertisers found a mean tenure of 44 months and median of 31.

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