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Once confined to brand and awareness metrics, the world of TV attribution has evolved to measure responses and effectiveness in the same way digital media has for years. Critically, the concept of quantifying offline media's contribution to a business outcome, no matter where the consumer is in their purchase journey, has realigned the industry's approach to assigning value across all channels.

For television, the availability of smarter data from devices such as set-top boxes and smart TVs, as well as the advanced application of that data by specialist companies, has shone a light on TV's efficacy in pushing the consumer through the purchase funnel. Whether measuring brand metrics or transactional behavior, marketers can now employ reach and precision tactics through advanced TV to drive mass and personalized messaging and attribute value to those media investments.

This has led to more robust techniques to not only ensure that TV is getting its fair share of credit for a conversion, but also validate what we have known instinctively for years: TV drives results.

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