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Marketers say they have their own share of frustrations with over-the-top streaming video distributors, stymied by different walled gardens that make it difficult for them to measure and match campaign performance.

The key hits:

  • Walled gardens such as Amazon, Hulu and Roku provide different ad targeting and reporting options.
  • This limits the ability for marketers to match different data sets and get a more holistic picture of who they reached across the major OTT platforms.
  • Amazon and Roku are also making it more difficult for third-party ad networks to function in their OTT ecosystems.
  • Some marketers see these walled gardens opening up their doors more as ad dollars continue to flow into OTT. Better partners will get a greater share of ad dollars, they say.

At the Digiday Video Marketing Summit in Nashville last week, the biggest challenge marketers — including brand marketers and media buyers — said they face in OTT are the walled gardens. Specifically, attendees were referring to major OTT platforms and ecosystems such as Amazon, Roku and Hulu. Each of them are closed ecosystems and provide different types of data on their audiences, which makes it difficult for marketers to get a unified, cross-platform understanding of who they are reaching. According to a live poll we conducted among attendees at the event, 51 percent said “limited measurement” was the biggest challenge in OTT advertising.

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