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Lidl is still pushing full throttle for crucial Christmas trade with the release of yet another seasonal ad designed to put a smile on the face of even the tightest Scrooge.

‘The Cell’ was produced by Finnish director Misko Iho and follows a solitary inmate making his final preparations for Christmas in an atmospheric jail.

Locked in his room the prisoner received a gift-laden tray from his conscientious jailer which happens to include an iron file, enabling a swift escape from the snow-laden prison under cover of darkness.

The ad concludes showing the Santa-esque old man sneaking back into his cell laden with Lidl shopping bags stuffed with everything needed to host the perfect Christmas dinner.

Iho remarked: “‘I haven’t worked in Finland for many years but the moment I read this script from [ad agency] Folk, I felt that this was really something I had to do. This kind of simple but impactful story is the reason why I love filmmaking so much.”

The ad culminates a frenetic period of advertising by the discount retailer after it ‘hijacked’ the Christmas campaigns of rivals M&S and Waitrose for a cheeky billboard push earlier this week.