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The logo for the Singapore Bicentennial in 2019 has been released. It was created by Singapore-based Jonathan Yuen from Roots, an independent design studio.

A note issued by the the Singapore Bicentennial Office said: “2019 marks the 200th anniversary of the arrival of Stamford Raffles in Singapore, a key turning point in our history.

“But our story did not start in 1819 – it started 700 years ago.

“The commemoration is an occasion for us to reflect on our history before and after Raffles, and how we’ve evolved from a place with a geographically strategic location, to a people with a unique Singaporean DNA.

“Throughout the year, we will look at the impact powers around the region and the world have had on us; the huge cast of characters who’ve contributed to our evolution, and more.

“The Singapore Bicentennial logo reflects our long journey. It comprises seven poly-shapes, each representing one century for a total of seven hundred years of Singapore’s longer history. The poly-shapes are progressively refined into a circle, symbolising our transformation throughout time; adapting and evolving to become present-day Singapore. The logo expresses both change and continuity, conveying the sense that this is an ever-evolving journey for the better.”

The Singapore Bicentennial Logo

The #SGBicentennial logo tells the story of Singapore’s evolution – not just from Raffles’ arrival in 1819, but all the way back to 1299.

Posted by Singapore Bicentennial on Sunday, 2 December 2018

Speaking about the logo, Yuen said: “I started working backwards from Singapore as a little red dot. I looked at what would come before this circle, for example, other shapes that are progressively refined into a circle.”

J Walter Thompson and Mirium won the integrated campaign for the Singapore Bicentennial in June this year after a keenly contested pitch, which saw strong competition from a consortium including Gushcloud, Ogilvy Singapore and Tribal.

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