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A novel digital fan club created by some of the best footballers in the world has been launched with the backing of the sport’s greatest superstars; including Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr & David Beckham.

Otro (Spanish for ‘other’) has been conceived by the players directly as a new medium through which to ‘share exclusive content with their fans, direct and unfiltered’ and is backed by a global marketing campaign spearheaded by Havas UK.

This promotional activity focusses on a short film depicting the ‘other side’ of 17 founding players’ lives when not kicking a ball around. As such a veil is lifted on a studious Beckham in his office; Messi paying a visit to his tailor and Neymar Jr flaunting his musical prowess behind a piano.

The resulting footage will be pushed heavily on the footballers’ own social channels, supported by a paid social push.

Mark Whelan, chief creative officer at Havas UK, said: “Literally a once a lifetime opportunity to work with a start-up unlike any other. The whole Havas Village jumped in fearlessly with our excellent clients at OTRO to help make this miraculous thing happen.”

Over the summer Neymar Jnr partnered with Gilette to confess to some unsporting behaviour during the World Cup.