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Google News has unveiled an Asia-Pacific Innovation Challenge to fund projects related to promoting quality journalism.

The challenge will invite proposals for projects aimed at increasing revenue from readers, including subscriptions, membership programs, contributions and/or new digital products and services.

The initiative is inviting projects all news organisations in Asia-Pacific. The applications will open on November 28 and the deadline to submit is January 9.  An APAC town hall will further take place on December 11 at 3pm Singapore time for any questions related to the initiative.   

Kate Beddoe, head of news and publishing partnerships in a statement said: "A panel of Googlers and other tech industry executives will review the submissions and fund selected projects up to $300,000 and finance up to 70% of the total project cost.

"The funding will be reviewed against several criteria, including a “sharing component” -  for example by publishing any findings or holding a seminar - so grantees can pass their knowledge onto others in the industry."

Meanwhile, Google News is facing shutdown in EU ‘link tax’ standoff.