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Diwali, or Deepavali, is the Hindu festival of lights celebrated every year in autumn, giving brands a chance to appeal to people by showcasing their creativity at a key cultural moment.

Indian food delivery platform Swiggy urges people to “Diwali mein kisi ko khaali haath wapas nahi bhejte” (not let anyone go empty handed this Diwali) as it traces a day in the life of a little boy who learns the value of ‘giving back’ while distributing sweets in his society on Diwali. 


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HP India is urging people to go local this Diwali and support the street vendors by buying diyas (clay candles) from them.


Retail brand Big Bazaar has unveiled its Diwali film which takes its inspiration from the lives of the many Indians who undertake long journeys from all over India to celebrate Diwali with their loved ones, but often find themselves stuck in transit and unable to make it home for the festival.


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: 'Be the Light.'

Date: November 2018
Tata Tiscon is urging children to spend time with their parents this Diwali.
As India surges ahead as one of the world’s fastest growing economies, young men from all over the country are heading towards big Metros in search of better job opportunities, leaving behind lonely aged parents.
Across rural and urban India, loneliness and depression are constant companions of senior citizens, who spend their days remembering a time when their homes were abuzz with family, joy, and laughter.
Client: Tata Tiscon
Agency: J Walter Thompson
Chief Creative Officer: Senthil Kumar
SVP & Managing Partner: Vijay Jacob Parakkal
VP & ECD: Arjun Mukherjee
Art Director: Sourish Mitra
VP & EBD: Ayan Chakraborty
Client Services Director: Sreeparna Gupta
Digital team: Surojit Sen, Soham Sengupta and Sulakshana Goswami
Production House: Light Bulb Motion Pictures
Director: Pinaki Bose
Tags: India

Tata Tiscon urges children to spend time with their elderly parents this Diwali, in latest spot.