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Izod, in the second part of its brand campaign featuring comedian Colin Jost and NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers, has Jost developing a close bond with what Izod is calling the “sweater of the future” — a voice-activated sweater.

In the spot, Jost is gifted a fair-isle patterned Izod sweater — armed with the brand’s True Comfort technology — that not only keeps him cozy in the cold, but also laughs at the comedy star’s every joke in between answering his voice commands. At the end of a cozy date between Colin and his sweater, he encounters a tuxedoed Rodgers as the lobby pianist in a swanky mountain lodge. He gives the former MVP two tips: one dollar and the advice to give up his day job.

The scene then goes from weirdly humorous to sadly strange as Jost and the sweater get into a lover’s quarrel when Jost wears a different pullover. He eventually puts the loquacious, lovelorn sweater in a drawer. It’s only when the temps dip below comfortable that smart sweater and comedian make up. It ends with the phrase: “Izod sweaters do not talk…yet. Please gift responsibly.”

 The brand’s holiday campaign pokes fun at our increasing dependence on artificial intelligence.

The new campaign creative includes the 60-second spot and additional cuts of the commercials. The creative will air throughout the holiday season, and on broadcast channels starting December 7.

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