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Center Parks Amsterdam has wrapped up the execution of an innovative, reactive out of home buy that reminds the public of sunnier climes only when it rains. 

Instead of leaning on data and digital out of home tech, the brand and agency Ogilvy Amsterdam delivered a reactive ad using a special chemical sheet that reveals that creative only when it is raining. 

The ad ran in Rotterdam's Alexandrium square throughout October with the intent of building awareness around last-minute holidays in the Netherlands at Center Parcs.

Helen Fernando and Ervin Ramrattan, creatives at Ogilvy Amsterdam, issued a statement: “The Netherlands can be extremely grey and depressing during fall. People have an extra desire for tropical holiday destinations during those rainy months.

"We wanted to tap into that and remind them that a tropical destination is just around the corner. That’s how we came up with the Rain Billboard; Showing an offer when the Dutch need it most.”

In English, the copy reads 'Tired of the Rain? Book a last minute trip!'