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: 'Your Hero Needs You'

Date: November 2018
Nearly seven million Latinos in the US provide unpaid care to an aging or older loved one. To assist those people, AARP and the Ad Council have introduced a PSA campaign, encouraging Latino caregivers nationwide to access free Care Guides, self-care tips, planning resources, legal and financial guidance, and more.
Many Latino family caregivers see caregiving responsibilities simply as something family members do for one another, and do not seek outside help, which is why these resources are necessary.
The new PSA campaign, created pro bono by the multicultural ad agency Alma, reminds caregivers that getting support helps them provide the best care for their loved one – who, in many cases, once cared for them as a child. The TV spots, ‘Your Hero Needs You,’ depict touching scenes of a father playing with his daughter and being a “hero.” It finishes with the little girl grown and caring for her now elderly father with love and care. It concludes with the line, “Your hero needs you now. And AARP is here to help.” The PSAs encourage viewers to visit AARP’s Family Caregiving Website at and The spots are in both English and Spanish.
Creative Chairman/CEO: Luis Miguel Messianu
Co-President/ Chief Creative Officer: Alvar Suñol
Executive Creative Director: Juan Diego Guzman
Senior Art Director: Jonathan Garcia
Art Director(s): Orlando Velez & Emilia Lora
Copywriter: Juan Diego Guzman
Executive Producer: Jay Rivera
Producer: Victoria Marichal
Account Director: Carola Chaurero
Planner: Tamara Sotelo
Production Company: Joinery
Director: Rob Stanton-Cook
DP: Billy Pena
Executive Producer: Elliot Lucas
Editorial House: ALMA Studio
Executive Producer: Yeyo Marquez
Lead Video Editor: Erik L. Justiniano
Music Studio: Animal Studio
Composer: Alex Mor
Music Studio EP: Alberto Farinas
Tags: United States

: 'Leave it to us'

Date: November 2018
latest campaign for its home delivery service shows photos of real car crashes at Burger King restaurants in Massachusetts, Alabama and Illinois. No one was seriously injured in any of the incidents, but the message is clear – not everyone is cut out for the drive-through window and they might be better off getting their flame grilled burgers delivered.
The images of cars crashed into the buildings come with a simple call to action – “Leave it to us!” They are designed to produce an “a-ha” moment to make guests think twice about driving with a Whopper craving.
The restaurant urges fans get their favorite menu items through the DoorDash app or at Between November 1 and November 4, 2018, DoorDash is offering no delivery fee for Burger King orders over $15.
Agency: Lola MullenLowe
Campaign: Crashes
Client: Burger King Global
Client Contacts: Fernando Machado, Marcelo Pascoa, Rogelio Magaña, Renato Rossi, Diego Suarez, Liza Keller, Madeline McDermott 
Chief Creative Officer: Chacho Puebla
Executive Creative Director: Pancho Cassis
Creative Director: Tomás Ostiglia, Fabio Brigido, Fred Bosch
Copywriter: Enrique Torguet, Manuel Castillo
Art Director: Manuel Castillo, Enrique Torguet
Account Director: Tom Elliston
Account Manager: Ana Pozuelo
Account Executive: Adriana Gonzalez Cid
Strategic Planner: Marcelle Santos
Agency Producer:  Felipe Calviño, Diego Baltazar
Head of Communications: Sarah Okrent
Media agency: Horizon Media 
Tags: United States

: 'Season of Good Dog'

Date: November 2018
Pedigree Dentastix has helped invent a holiday just for dogs as a way to celebrate the season through the eyes of our four-legged friends.
'The Season of Good Dog' is a global campaign which was developed by Colenso BBDO New Zealand.  The campaign is fronted by Good Dog, an innocent family dog with a healthy sense of self.  In the film, we see that he has misinterpreted Christmas with a misguided account of the rituals and traditions of the holiday. In the end, however, he discovers the true meaning of the holiday – The Season of Good Dogs.
The brand also created a series of Season of Good Dog-themed carols, revisiting holiday favorites with new lyrics about the joy of the season through a Good Dog’s eyes. The brand partnered with Spotify to feature these carols as ads on the streaming platform, directing users to the full playlist for owners and their furry friends to enjoy together. 
Agency: Colenso BBDO 
Client: Pedigree
Campaign: Season of Good Dog
Mars Global Petcare       
Global Brand Director MARS Petcare: Dave Griffin
Global Innovation Acceleration Manager: Angela Cameron
Marketing Director MARS Petcare US: Melodie Bolin
Brand Manager – Dentastix: Rafael Blanco
Associate Brand Manager: James Niemann
Chief Creative Officer, BBDO Worldwide: David Lubars
Creative Chairman: Nick Worthington
Chief Creative Officer: Levi Slavin      
Executive Creative Director: Daniel Wright  
Creative Group Head: Beth O'Brien    
Creative Group Head: Thomas Darlow
Group Business Director: Ahmad Salim        
Business Director: Nico Ainsworth      
Account Manager: Arameh Bozorgi   
Account Executive: James Baker       
Snr TV Producer: Natasha Gill  
Integrated Producer: Ashlee Harris     
Head of Integrated Production: Scott Chapman    
Snr Planner: Philip De Meulemeester  
ECD - Pedigree Global: Gianfranco Arena
ECD - Pedigree Global: Peter Kain
Snr Account Director - Pedigree Global: Sally Nathans
Agency Producer: Natasha Gill
DOP: Jeremy Rouse
Production Company: Finch
Production Company Executive Producer: Rob Galluzzo
Production Company Producer: Claire Thompson
Director: Christopher Riggert
Sound: Liquid Studio
Sound Design: Craig Matuschka
Music Composition: Peter van der Fluit
Music & Sound Producer: Tamara O’Neill
Post Production: Blackbird
Online Editor: Nicholas Ponzoni
Editor: Stuart Reeves & Bernard Garry, The Editors
Tags: United States
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: 'You Need Some CityMD'

Date: November 2018
Inspired by statistics that uncovered that a majority of millennials aren’t going to the doctor, but rather, are walking around sick trying to self-diagnose, CityMD has launched ‘You Need Some CityMD.’ The campaign, created by indie agency Terri & Sandy, features pleas to sick individuals from their family, friends and loved ones to go to CityMD so they can feel better and stop spreading whatever it is they have. The campaign touts CityMD as the antidote to the broken medical system, offering fast access to high-quality medical professionals, fast referrals to excellent specialists and kinder treatment along the way. 
The campaign kicks off during the heart of flu season with a spot called ‘People Who Know Meredith Carlson.’ It showcases the unseen woman’s extended family and friends group, complete with her roommate, ride-share driver and last online date, urging her to go CityMD to care for her deep cough, which they fear could be contagious.
The pleas continue in a series of 15-second spots running on TV, social and paid digital video.
In addition, a series of transit posters will hit NYC subways and the Long Island Railroad – two breeding grounds for germs – on December 1, showcasing pleas, in the form of bold, graphic letters, to a multitude of sick or injured individuals, directing them to the nearest CityMD to tend to their ailments. Consumers are also invited to submit their own sick-person pleas via the brand’s Twitter account.
Founder and CEO: Richard Park, MD
Chief Experience and Brand Officer: Calvin Hwang
SVP, Sales and Marketing: Julie Kang
VP, Marketing: Richard Gagliano
Marketing Manager: Eric Salamone
Co-Founder & CEO: Terri Meyer
Co-Founder & CEO: Sandy Greenberg
Creative Director, Copywriting: Chris Cannon
Creative Director, Art Direction: JP Gomez
Copywriter: Mark Carlson
Junior Art Director: Susan Lee
Copywriter Intern: Rebecca Baldwin
Integrated Account Director: Irina Gilbertson
Account Executive: Stephen Vocaturo
Director of Strategic Planning: Tracy Chapman
Strategic Planner: Molly Thompson
Executive Producer: Chris Lenz
Director: Sergio Cilli
Executive Producer: Dal Wolf
EP of Production: Anthony Ficalora
Producer: Kelli Wheeler
VIDEO EDITORIAL: Nomad Editing Company
Editor: Jim Ulbrich
Assistant Editor: Hannah Wilk
Executive Producer: Jennifer Lederman
Senior Producer: Valerie J. McAndrews
Colorist: Stephen Picano
Finishing: Alexander Chizhov
SOUND: Sound Lounge
Mixer: Glen Landrum
Tags: United States
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