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The hotel app worked like a charm. Not only was I able to choose my room, I bypassed registration and used a digital key to open the door. Excited about this experience, I shared it on Twitter tagging a couple of CX experts, one of whom said, "love that too but at Doubletree, it's worth stopping at the front desk for your cookie." Touch. An app is cool but cookies are a faster to way to your customer's heart and wallet and pertaining to this article, far better at generating consistent word-of-mouth.

As I learned in Jay Baer's new book, "Talk Triggers," it turns out that Doubletree gives away 75,000 cookies per day, inspiring 34 percent of their customers to talk about the brand during their stay. Those are big numbers and unusually consistent. Baer runs Convince & Convert, a digital strategy consulting firm. Wondering how Baer's research on generating word-of-mouth might be applied to B2B marketing, we had a long discussion, highlighting among other things the need to "operationalize" word-of-mouth as a strategic pre-marketing activity.

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