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Viant-owned Adelphic is aiming to upend the way programmatic is used to buy ads, saying Wednesday that marketers can purchase unlimited impressions through its demand side platform using a subscription-based pricing model at a cost of $3,000 per month.

Aldelphic began offering the program to some clients about two months ago, but is rolling it out to everyone today.

Demand side platforms (DSPs) often take a cut of roughly 15 percent of media spend from brands and agencies who use their software to buy ads. But Adelphic's new pricing model charges one fixed rate no matter how much or how little a client spends. By eliminating the percentage charge, Adelphic says it is reducing the so-called "ad tech tax" for marketers. The method fits the mold of offering software as a service, known as SaaS, which has risen in popularity with players such as Adobe and Salesforce, but hasn't gained traction in the programmatic arena.

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