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The US midterm elections are upon us, which means every registered voter should be at the polls sometime today (November 6). Most voters are, by now, fed up with the onslaught of political attack ads, most of which are truly awful. But there are some ads that powered through the clutter to make an impact on the electorate.

Some were designed to get people to actually engage in their civic duties and get to the polls, as most midterm elections have sadly low voter turnouts, while others tackled the issues and had something to say.

Look over the collection of campaigns below and do your duty by voting on the ones you think made the best impact. 

Happy voting, USA! Wear your 'I Voted' sticker with pride.

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: '#WhyDoYouVote'

Date: October 2018
Noted filmmaker Darren Aronofsky (The Wrestler, Requiem for a Dream) has teamed up with Generation Z activists from all over the country to find out why they are voting in order to get young people to the polls on November 6.
Aronofsky queried his subjects, who are calling on their peers to vote in the midterm elections, in a short film for the Sierra Club Voter Education Fund. Produced by Aronofsky’s Protozoa Pictures and Chromista, the video features people active in movements for indigenous rights, gun control, rights for the disabled, immigrant rights, climate justice and transgender equality, among others, passionately advocating for participation in this November’s election.
The film crew traveled across the country to capture the messages from the activists included in the video. The activists who participated include Tarr, Hogg, Man, Martinez and Grimm, plus Brinkley Smithers, Chelsea Turner,  Delaney Reynolds, Jackson Hinkle, Edna Chavez, Justice Jamal Jones, Lisbeth Chavarria, Sandra Cornejo, Lulu Cerone and Ohitika Lewis.
Director: Darren Aronofsky
Protozoa Pictures
Client: Sierra Club Voter Education Fund
Tags: United States
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: '#InfluenceTheElection'

Date: November 2018
#InfluenceTheElection is a nonpartisan initiative that aims to increase midterm voter turnout in young people through social coverage.
Having an audience online, big or small, means you have influence. Just 39,000 votes in three states would have changed the result of the presidential election. That’s not a lot – there are 54,251 seats in Yankee Stadium and many of us are able to reach more than that with one single Instagram post.
#ITE is sweeping social media... over 3,400 influencers – with a combined following of 97 million-plus have pledged to post about the midterms and encourage their audience to get out and vote. Everyone from mega influencers like Hannah Bronfman and Eva Chen to brands like Dermalogica and DVF are participating to increase voter turnout, illustrating the power of social media to drive social change. 
“I think it’s hard when you see so many things you care about crumble before your eyes and it can be disheartening. But that’s why now, more than ever, we must use more than our voice – we need to take it to the polls," said Hannah Bronfman
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