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At No. 1 this week is an elegantly shot ad for Breitling that would be pretty much a bore without clickbait star turns from Brad Pitt, Charlize Theron and Adam Driver ("Breitling Cinema Squad"). The most interesting aspect of the spot is that Driver is in it alongside the big-screen gods. We're not saying he doesn't deserve it, we're just guessing he's still pinching himself.

There's another Theron spot worth a mention, but first, at No. 3, "The New iPad Pro" from Applewhich continues its fall rollout of new and updated deviceslooks as clean and sharp as most of the brand's creative, and has an added bonus: It showcases the iPad's features with unusually lucid close-ups and special effects.

But back to Theron. "J'adore the New Absolu" for Dior, at No. 7, wants to double as an ad for female empowerment, but Ad Age's Simon Dumenco has written quite another take on the spot. Read about it here.

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