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An anticipated boom in legalized sports gambling should not only prove to be a source of significant revenue for the NFL and its 32 franchises, but may very well help drive up the overall value of the league's media rights when they go up for bid in 2022.

According to a recent Nielsen Sports study commissioned by the American Gaming Association, NFL revenues directly related to the rise of regulated sports wagering could add up to around $573 million per year. This gaming-related haul includes estimates on incremental revenue in the form of TV advertising, sponsorships and data licensing.

Advertising buys from casinos and other betting operators are expected to make up the bulk of that new cash grab. According to Nielsen Sports, this newly-minted category of TV advertising has the potential to generate some $451 million per year, or nearly 80 percent of the overall take. Gambling-adjacent sponsorships could account for an additional $92 million in revenue, while data may kick in as much as $30 million per year.

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