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About a month ago, I went looking for organic all-natural peanut butter. No sugar added, no preservatives, no additives, nothing but pure peanuts ground into a delicious, buttery paste. My trip to the supermarket was instructive.

First I saw brands from my childhood with labels that said "all natural" on them. I got very excited because I trusted those brands as a kid, but the reason I was looking for organic all-natural peanut butter was because I didn't want all the stuff that Big Food puts in peanut butter, and a quick scan of the labels confirmed my worst fears. Yes, the front label said "all natural," but the nutrition facts listed the ingredients and the preservatives. I was on a mission, so I decided to read them all.

In the end I walked away with a jar of organic all-natural peanut butter from a brand I'd never heard of that met my expectations. (I also scanned the barcode into my nutrition app before I made my decision, just to be sure.)

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