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KFC has built a marketing campaign off the back of strongly-worded consumer feedback, responding to a tweet reading: 'Dear KFC, No one likes your fries. Yours sincerely, The entire World.'

Instead of shirking away from the harsh feedback from Twitter user @upgrade_music, KFC spent money promoting the tweet, and numerous other cutting remarks, across social media and out-of-home.

Not one to shrug away from criticism, having earlier this year run a print ad stating 'FCK' when it managed to run out of chicken, KFC has owned the fact that some members of the public were not fans of its fries.

Instead, along with creative agency Mother, it has developed a campaign to show the public that it has listened to the feedback and will be rolling out new recipe fries in November.

The ‘Ain’t No Small Fry’ campaign is designed to convert its fries haters.

Below are some of the tweets KFC promoted.

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: 'Ain’t No Small Fry'

Date: November 2018
KFC aren’t famous for their fries. And until now, it’s probably for good reason. One quick look online and you’ll find more than a few complaints aimed squarely at their fries, perhaps best summed up by @upgrade_music, who tweeted earlier this year, “Dear KFC, No one likes your fries. Yours sincerely, The entire World.”
The good news is KFC have heard it loud and clear. And it’s why they’ve been developing new fries, launching this November in restaurants nationwide.
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