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MPC has hired Walter Campbell, one of the industry's most awarded creative directors as the creative behind Guinness' "Surfer," and Volvo's "Twister," as creative head of business development. Campbell will be working closely with Oliver Forder, head of business development at MPC and his former AMV BBDO colleague. He comments: "MPC used to be strictly post; today it's an end-to-end creative and production solution. We pick up the project from wherever our clients' capabilities end. Being here gives me the opportunity to work on ambitious jobs and interesting ideas, directly with brands, as well as with smart agencies and directors. MPC have always known how to craft the work. What people don't know yet is that we also know how to make work that is effective: work that is memorable and moves people to act. So, I'm here to develop that side of things."

Humble has added legally blind director James Rath to its roster, his first commercial representation. Rath is an educator, activist, YouTube star and filmmaker best known for his feature "How Apple Saved My Life," which highlights Apple's accessibility features. His first project with Humble is a campaign for Tommy Hilfiger's Tommy Adaptive clothing line.

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