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Marketers are clamoring for the opportunities internet-connected TVs and over-the-top platforms like Roku and Amazon Fire provide, namely to reach audiences who are unsubscribing to traditional cable and the targeting capabilities that come from IP-delivered content. But currently it's extremely cumbersome to buy audiences across OTT, connected TVs and video-on-demand to achieve any sort of meaningful scale.

To solve for this, Comcast-owned FreeWheel is introducing a one-stop shop for buying commercials in these emerging forms of TV. Dubbed Drive, the suite of new ad products will allow buyers to access inventory from FreeWheel's clients, which include more than 60 of some of the top TV networks and publishers that are being served on platforms like Roku, Amazon Fire, Google Chromecast and Apple TV, among others.

And since FreeWheel utilizes Nielsen's digital audience ratings, this means agencies can make apples-to-apples comparisons on how their campaigns that run on these platforms stack up to their linear buys. And ultimately, it is looking to prove campaigns drove a specific outcome, like a customer made a purchase or took a test drive.

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