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The best truths are the ones everyone knows to be true but nobody really talks about. In the swirl of activity surrounding brand-safety crises, those in digital media knew what the real underlying cause behind the problem was: the clients, who continued to prefer cheaper environments to run their ads in despite the risks.

Which was why when Joshua Lowcock, UM’s first global chief brand-safety officer, says as much, it’s like a breath of fresh air. Lowcock, who was appointed to the role late last year, is also the first exec on a new Advertiser Protection Bureau at the 4A’s, an industry response to the continuing brand-safety crises faced by advertisers on platforms. He is charged with changing decades of behavior for clients to accept that brand safety comes at a cost, and that it needs to be a priority, which often means fighting what he calls an “industry bias,” sometimes driven by procurement toward buying and evaluating media on the lowest price. That means helping them balance across all dimensions, including ROI and safe environments, plus privacy compliance.

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