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By popular demand, KFC is bringing back the Dirty Louisiana, it's sauciest burger ever. Not so popular are the recent concerns over data privacy, so KFC and Mother London partnered to create a tongue-in-cheek disclaimer campaign to playfully encourage eaters to take responsibility for their dining experience.

The so-called 'dirty disclaimer,' launched in press and online, plays up the burger's extreme messiness and urges fans to be ready. It reads: 
"I am fully accountable for any excess sauce left on my face, beard,
hair, eyebrows, or other facial extremities; and for any incriminating
or amusing photographic evidence posted on all social media channels
by insensitive family, friends, colleagues or bystanders."

KFC says it's time to get dirty, and that theme also features a nationwide digital outdoor campaign and a 10-second commercial, directed by Radical Friend through Partizan films.

Eating this burger comes with some swag, too. Everyone who dives into the Dirty Louisiana in selected restaurants gets to don a 'dirty bib,' styled after Colonel Sanders' iconic white suite. 

See the disclaimer and other elements by clicking on the Creative Works box below.

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