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Pakistani actor Sarmad Khoosat is to take the lead role in a one-off 24-hour performance counting down towards the execution of an unnamed prisoner in Lahore in order to raise awareness of the reality of state executions.

No Time To Sleep dovetails with tomorrow’s World Day Against the Death Penalty and has been organized by Scottish based Highlight Arts which has created a custom-built cell for the piece.

Creator and producer Ryan Van Winkle of Highlight Arts Scotland commented: “No Time to Sleep is primarily about the human lives at the heart of the death penalty. By presenting the intense twenty-four hours of Prisoner Z’s life we will offer audiences an opportunity to emphasize and engage with the human aspect of death row. We hope it will broaden the public debate on the prevalence of the death penalty and challenge those who continue to support, or worse, ignore it.”

The performance will be screened live around the world from 9 to 10 October as ‘Prisoner Z’ prepares for his imminent death amidst the mundanity of bureaucratic paperwork, prayer, a last meal and final goodbyes to friends and family.