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Havas Chicago is responding to negative comments made about the agency and its employees on anonymous industry app Fishbowl with an anti-bullying-themed art installation and a brochure that encourages disgruntled employees to look elsewhere.

The installation, which opened on Friday, was showcased on Chief Creative Officer and Chairman Jason Peterson's Instagram account. His posts show a photo of a wall with the words "All of us work here some of us fucking love it," and another of a wall with the words "Employee of the month" above a collection of framed anonymous Fishbowl comments saying things like "The laughing stock in charge is obssesed (sic) with his 1M fake followers" or "I'm embarrassed to work at havas (sic) as well." (Peterson has 1.1 million followers on Instagram.)

There is also Instagram video of the wall on his Instagram captioned, "Your hate is my anthem."

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