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A shortage of truck drivers, fueled by a tighter labor force and enforcement of stricter regulations, has driven up costs and made it harder for the country's biggest retailer to get deliveries on time, according to suppliers. Having taken over delivery of goods from most suppliers years ago, Walmart is on the hook for making it all work.

Work that jumpsuit

Women's workwear is having a moment and retailer Duluth Trading Company is taking advantage of it. The Belleville, Wisconsin-based retailer has a new brand campaign celebrating female woodworkers, farmers, ranchers and brewers with agency-of-record Planet Propaganda. Womenswear is a fast-growing segment for Duluth Holdings, which recently reported the category was up 37 percent year-over-year in the second quarter. On the earnings call, CEO Stephanie Pugliese said, "We remain very focused on building continued momentum in our women's line overall, not only for its sales potential but also because women are valuable customers." Good to know.

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