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KFC celebrated Mindfulness Day by rolling out relaxing ads sourced from the hustle and bustle of its kitchens.

Mindfulness Day (12 September) was marked with spots that replicate the flow of the ocean, crackling fire and falling rain – or at least they initially appeared to do so. 

Instead, there was a bait and switch. Halfway through the ad, it was revealed that the sounds were instead from the KFC kitchen. Users can hear the cooking of KFC chicken, the heating of gravy and the sizzling of bacon.

The KFChill campaign collected the ‘pink noises’ to outline how its offering can bring moments of calm into hectic schedules.

The work comes from Mother. Hermeti Balarin creative partner at the agency, said: “Forget falling rain or crackling fire. Nothing beats the sound of frying chicken or sizzling bacon to get your mind to relax.”

The ads ran on social and YouTube, supported with paid placements on each platform.

They were also sent directly to members of the KFC Colonel’s Club. The brand has also launched a new mindfulness hub available at

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