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British fitness company Gymbox is harnessing a collective frustration at the Brexit negotiations to launch a new class themed on the UK’s exit from the European Union.

BrexFit is the group’s answer to Brexit. It has assembled the class at its Victoria outlet with help from its personal trainers and Calm People’s Julian Hall.

In a crossover between experiential marketing and business-as-usual fitness classes, attendees are invited to vent their Brexit frustration.

On offer is a Boris Johnson-themed ‘Politician Punchbag’, as well as The Corbyn Ju-Jitsu Throw (Weight Throw), ‘The Politico Head Slammer’ (Slam Ball), ‘The Jacob-Rees Logg Lift’ (Log lift) and ‘The Theresa May Sack Race’. It also created a ‘Cameron Quitters Corner’ for attendees who want to quit the course.


Subverting inspirational quotes on the walls of gyms, Gymbox has adopted some of the unimpressive Brexit claims made by those delivering it. In particular is MP Dominic Raab’s promise that “there will be adequate food”.

In developing the stunt, with agency The Tenth Man, the group conducted research. More than half of the 500 members interviewed listed Brexit as their major London bugbear.

Julian Hall, anger management expert at Calm People said: “Research shows that aerobic exercise can be linked to the reduction in negative thoughts and feelings and there’s no doubt the uncertainty, stress, and tension over Brexit is spilling out into normal people’s lives.

“Many of my clients use exercise as a meaningful and healthy part of their toolkit to manage their anger and this class is the perfect way to release the pent-up energy that anger creates.”

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Rory McEntee, Gymbox spokesperson, added: “It doesn’t matter if you’re In or Out, Brexit has become more anger-inducing than a flimsy Jeremy Corbyn apology. We’re always looking at innovative ways to motivate and challenge our members and we quickly realised Brexit is a great topic to get them fired up.

“We actually invited Boris Johnson to attend the class although he would have been bonking mad to turn up. The punchbag with his face on has gotten plenty of action though.”

The class runs every Thursday at 12:15pm at Gymbox Victoria.