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Leadership, whether you're the CEO, chief marketing officer or chief financial officer, can typically be boiled down to three fundamental tasks: Set the vision, build the team and allocate the resources. Arguably, all three are equally important, yet in this CMO-centric column we've focused more on the first and third, closely examining the strategic and budgetary choices that modern marketers are making. But without the right team to implement your vision, all is lost. So how do you build a great team?

As with so many CMO challenges, the answer is in the questions you ask. Better questions = better interviews = better hires. That formula has been mastered by Kipp Bodnar, CMO at Hubspot, who has built an industry-leading team of more than 200 professionals by honing the interview process. And while Bodnar tries to spend 20 to 30 hours with potential direct reports getting to know them intimately, he finds that the questions below are great for an initial assessment of curiosity, marketing savvy and ability to think on one's feet.

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