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New Yorkersand plenty of non-New Yorkers, including media people across the landknow that the New York Post was once the undisputed champion of clever, quippy and often delightfully inappropriate front-page headlines. In fact, 10 years ago, the Murdoch-owned tabloid issued a greatest-hits collection in coffee-table book form: "Headless Body in Topless Bar: The Best Headlines from America's Favorite Newspaper"that title taken, of course, from what's considered the all-time-classic Post coverline.

But the Post has arguably been off its game in recent years, in large part because its crosstown rival, the Daily News, has turned into the master of the cheeky anti-Trump cover (see, for instance, "The Daily News put the Trump Baby blimp to creative use"), whereas the right-wing Post tends to treat Trump much more gingerly.

Today, though, the old Post is back, baby! If anyone's working on a sequel coffee-table book, the tabloid's headline take on new revelations about The Beatles' sexual proclivities has to be a contender for inclusion: "BEAT THE MEATLES."

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