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It's a good day here at viral video central: We have no quibbles with the top posts, an unusual event we're marking down.

At No. 1 is Nike's "Dream Crazy," and we' d say that's no surprise except that ads with social currency aren't necessarily reflected here week to week. But there's no denying that the feel-good, go-for-broke, just-do-it inspirational spot -- starring, despite coming near the end, Colin Kaepernick--has caught on with the masses, paid placements or not.

The Fiat ad at No. 2, "A Taste of Tomorrow. Today," a "Back to the Future"-esque tale of a young British couple on the road hurtled into the present day (their surprise at the car's smart features is a great way to show off the goods), has narrative logic, humor and a twist ending. What more can you ask for?

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